Men's 1st Team



FC Nordhavn's 1st team and the most profiled team in the club. A team consisting of players who have played since the club's first game in 2017, together with new players that continues to join and strenghten the team.

The staff consists of head coach, Mads Michaelsen, who has played more than 50 games for the club, and is still an active player for the 1st team. To assist him in his duties, our Scotsman, Adam Elphinstone, helps Mads in player selection and keeping the players' fitness at the highest level. Despite his assistant role on the 1st team, Adam also manages our second team and keeps a tight connection between the two teams. Finally, Tobias Schiermacher has stepped in to assist in training sessions, and take care of all operations on matchdays off the pitch and around the team, so the players and head coach can focus 100% on the most important thing: winning the games. 


GAMES: 134 GOALS: 355  
WIN: 73 DRAW: 22 LOST: 42



Statistics apply to all official DBU tournament matches and Danish Cup matches. The stats were updated on July 10th, 2023.


06/08/23: BK Union - FC Nordhavn (Friendly)



18/06/23: FK Prespa 4 - 6 FC Nordhavn (Series 3)

13/06/23: FC Nordhavn 5 - 1 JIF Hakoah (Series 3)

03/06/23: FC Nordhavn 1 - 3 FC Culpa (Series 3)

30/05/23: Tårnby FF 5 - 2 FC Nordhavn (The Danish Cup)

27/05/23: Uganda D.C. 0 - 4 FC Nordhavn (Series 3)

21/05/23: Dankurd IF 0 - 3 FC Nordhavn (Series 3)

16/05/23: FC Nordhavn 4 - 1 Egedal BK (Series 3)

11/05/23: BK Heimdal 0 - 0 FC Nordhavn (Series 3)

06/05/23: FC Nordhavn 2 - 1 BK Hekla (Series 3)

04/05/23: MBFF 0 - 11 FC Nordhavn (The Danish Cup)

30/04/23: Olympiakos KBH 1 - 3 FC Nordhavn (Series 3)

27/04/23: FC Nordhavn 3 - 2 BK Olympia 1921 (Series 3)

23/04/23: Sporting 43 1 - 1 FC Nordhavn (Series 3)

18/04/23: FC Nordhavn 2 - 1 Amandas Sønner (Series 3)

10/04/23: Copenhagen Calcio 1 - 5 FC Nordhavn (Series 3)



Head Coach: Mads Michaelsen

Assistant Coach: Adam Elphinstone

Assistant Coach: Tobias Schiermacher



1. Marcus Larsen

3. Tobias Schou

4. Mads Michaelsen

5. Oliver Strunck

6. Oskar Leisner

7. Markus Rygaard

8. Adam Mansa

10. Jayson Rasmussen

11. Usumani Kamba

15. Marios Frandsen

17. Issa Ali


19. Carl Bygum

21. Holger Seifert

26. Tobias Schiermacher

27. Magnus Brønd

29. Adam Elphinstone

30. Tonko Bacelic

32. David Krasnik

47. Rasmus Due

73. Victor Bejenaru

94. Ylber Lika





23rd of April, 2022

7-2 win in Emdrupparken while celebrating the club's 5 years anniversary. Unfortunately, it was also a season of great dissapointment, as we for the first time ever was relegated back to Series 3.

5th of September, 2020

Match in Serie 2 in a season where, for the first time, it did not result in promotion. In addition to Adam Mansa's first official match, this was also the first match with Danbolig Erhverv as sponsor. The match ended 0-0.

22nd of September, 2019

A home match against BK Hekla that offered much more than just a 2-1 victory, as in collaboration with Timm Vladimirs Køkken, a barbecue and beer was arranged for family and friends at the same time as the match.

2nd of June, 2019

Already four games before the end of the season, the 1st Team could celebrate another promotion - this time to Series 3. The game was played on Rådvadsvej in extreme sunshine against NV FK Herman and was won by 6-0.


1st of November, 2018

Team photo from a late evening match in Ryparken Idrætsanlæg against B. 1960. The team played in a new home jersey with Timm Vladimirs Køkken as sponsor. The match ended with a 2-0 defeat.

23rd of June, 2018

The 1st Team plays the last game of the season against Egedal BK, where a win or a draw could secure the club's first promotion. The match ended 2-2 and the team were promoted to Series 4.

19th of April, 2018

Sensational victory in the Danish Cup, where our Men's 1st Team from Series 5 met Vigerslev BK from Series 1. We won the match 3 - 2 in a mathc that were live-streamed on DBU's website. See highlights from the match here:

20th of June, 2017

The club's first match ever. It was a friendly match against the Greenland national football team. We lost the match 1 - 4. Worth noting is that 7 out of the 13 players are still active players in the club.