Men's 2nd Team


F.C. Nordhavn’s international senior team, is a team where players with different nationalities become part of one football team. The team has existed for moer than two years and has had great success and welcomed many new international players to the club. Many players from around the world have joined the team and met a lot of teammates who, like themselves, have moved to Denmark from abroad and are now living in Copenhagen and playing football in FC Nordhavn.

Our 2nd team has become a crucial integrated part of the 1st team's succes, as many players from the 2nd team has been included into the 1st team squad and helped strenghten the 1st team. 

If you’re looking for an international team where English is first language and your teammates are internationals like yourself, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to include you in our team!





15/06/23: FC Nordhavn (2) 1 - 2 Østerbro IF (6) (Series 4)

02/06/23: FB (7) 0 - 4 FC Nordhavn (2) (Series 4)

25/05/23: FC Nordhavn (2) 2 - 4 BK Skjold (7) (Series 4)

21/05/23: BK Skjold (13) 2 - 1 FC Nordhavn (2) (Series 4)

02/05/22: FC Nordhavn (2) 0 - 4 FA 2000 (11) (Series 4)



Head Coach: Adam Elphinstone

Assistant Coach: Tobias Schiermacher



Andreas Beck-Bang

Elias Graakjær

Federico Petit

Grant Morrison

Gustav Wolthers

Isayas Soler

Luca Bergamasco

Lucas Borio

Magnus Brønd

Marcus Larsen

Martin Brusconi 

Max Ladegaard


Nicklas Palmelund 

Patrick Andersen

Peter Kynde

Rasmus Due

Renzo Herrera

Simon Claramonte

Simon Slebsager

Tobias Schiermacher

Toms Bērziņš

Umberto Battisti

Ylber Lika